Not every person needs a powerful smartwatch that can follow everything from long distance race hurries to croquet matches nor does everybody need something that costs as much as a cell phone. For those searching for a smartwatch that covers the basics, the Mi Watch Lite possesses all the necessary qualities perfectly. Here’s our Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite audit where we put it under a magnifying glass to see exactly how it works…

Xiaomi smartwatch

The Design and Display

The Mi Watch Lite has an adjusted square-ish design, with curved edges everywhere on the watch. On the top, the crown has a 2.5D curved edge and a gleaming completion. What you will likewise see is that the bezels are immense on each of the four sides, yet I would’ve favored them to be more modest, or have the showcase expanded in size.

On the right, there’s a capacity button and that is every one of the actual catches you will get on the watch. The watch case is made of plastic and has a matte, hypoallergenic finish to it. The equivalent hypoallergenic material is utilized for the watch band as well.

Xiaomi Smartwatch

Talking about the watch tie, it is client replaceable, so you can really trade them out to some other tone on the off chance that you’d like. However, the locking system is Xiaomi explicit, so you can’t utilize any standard watch tie with spring bars.

The Mi Watch Lite has a 1.4-inch TFT LCD color touch display. While we would’ve jumped at the chance to a see an AMOLED screen for better battery life, it bodes well for Xiaomi to utilize LCD thinking about the cost of the gadget.

The actual presentation offers striking visuals, and the splendor is perfect as well. The splendor likewise has an auto change highlight, and we’re happy to report it isn’t excessively forceful. The screen is responsive, yet as opposed to getting looking over highlights, the UI changes by flipping page to page. This is acceptable particularly on the off chance that you despise looking over and attempting to pinpoint on tapping on the proper thing.

User Experience

Removing it from the crate, the Mi Watch Lite has a direct bundling. It doesn’t have any thick cardboard, so that is further reducing expenses on the cost as well. Subsequent to downloading the Xiaomi Wear Lite application, the gadget was in a flash found and blending them up took under 10 seconds. Then, I was quickly provoked for an update, and the cycle required an agonizing 10 minutes.

The Wear Lite application looked genuinely basic from the outset, yet a couple of days after the fact, it consequently refreshed out of sight, and the UI got a total update from what I originally saw during the underlying dispatching of the application. Every time you open up the application, it requires a moment for the watch to synchronize with your gadget.

Xiaomi Smartwatches

From the application, you can include your well-being information, check the smartwatch status, adjust watch faces, start exercises, change application notice settings, screen your rest information, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. It has the fundamental settings you need to alter your Xiaomi Smartwatch to your inclination.

Fitness Tracking

Rest checking astute, the Watch Lite records additional time than I really dozed, and it doesn’t consider short snoozes that are under 60 minutes.

There are 11 exercise modes accessible on the Mi Watch Lite, yet there’s no alternative for you to add custom exercises. Since the watch upholds 5ATM water obstruction up to 50M, it is protected to be brought to the pool or for open swimming. There is additionally an underlying double GPS (GPS+GLONASS) framework, accelerometer, gyrator, compass, indicator, and PPG sensor, so you can without much of a stretch track your runs or journeys.

Xiaomi Smartwatches

While it records the essential measurements like advance check, calories, times you’ve stood up, and 24 hour pulse observing, the watch needs blood oxygen (VO2 max) observing. However, that is trivial, considering the watch’s retail cost.

What’s more, the Mi Watch Lite additionally has an inherent breathing activity program that allows you to practice your breathing from 1 to 5 minutes, at the musicality you want. Something that would’ve been ideal to have on the Mi Watch Lite is to have implicit vivified exercise guides. That would’ve exploited the watch’s enormous presentation as well.

Smart Features

The Mi Watch Lite has various watch faces for you to change to, yet from what we’ve seen on the watch face store, there’s not a great deal of choices. Yet, this may change later on. The watch additionally permits you to control your music directly from the watch as opposed to getting your cell phone. It can likewise go about as a far off screen button for when you need to snap a picture from a good ways. As referenced above, you can likewise see calls, messages, just as application notices with the Mi Watch Lite.

Xiaomi SMartwatch

Battery Life

From our testing, the Mi Watch Lite kept going us for 9 days, which is precise to Xiaomi’s case. To charge the watch back to 100%, it requires around 2 hours utilizing the devoted charging dock (non-attractive) gave in the container. That is very long for a watch to completely charge, you could do it when you rest, however then you’d lose one night of rest checking.


Evaluated at $69.99, the Mi Watch Lite offers the fundamental highlights a smartwatch ought to have. To purchase simply go to which is the global leading online shop; buy good on Banggood.

Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite Review
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Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite Review
A smartwatch is more than just the touch screen feature. It has gone beyond being able play music or receive calls; there are more to a smartwatch than that. Read on as I review the Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite in this article.

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