The Xiaomi Mi Band 3 was one of the best value fitness trackers of 2018, and the Mi Band 4 aims to improve on it in a few key ways. It has a better display and more activity profiles, but with those things comes a slight price bump, though the Mi Band 4 is still significantly cheaper than other fitness trackers with similar feature sets.

Xiaomi mi Band 4

The design and display
It’s a 0.95-inch RGB AMOLED display this time around — a big step up from the Mi Band 3’s smaller black-and-white display. The 120 by 240 pixel density is sharp and the 400-nit brightness means it’s easy to see in direct sunlight. It’s a touchscreen display, so you’ll do most of your on-device navigation through taps and swipes. Swipe up or down to select different modes or settings, swipe left or right from the watch face to access music controls, or swipe right to go back from a different screen. You can also tap the capacitive button underneath the display to go back.

Xiaomi mi Band 4
The band that ships with the Mi Band 4 is made of silicone and feels comfortable. It’s not the highest quality rubber you’ll find on a fitness tracker — it’s a little too rigid for my taste — but it gets the job done.
The optical heart rate sensor ever-so-slightly protrudes from the bottom of the case, but not enough to leave a mark on your wrist after wearing it for a few hours.

Health and fitness tracking
The Mi Band 4 will keep track of all the basics: steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, resting and active heart rates, and sleep. It doesn’t have a built-in GPS, so your distance metrics won’t be very accurate if you’re going out for a run with only your fitness tracker. However, it comes with a connected GPS feature, so you can track your workouts with GPS if you don’t mind bringing your phone.

For a device this small and cheap, Xiaomi was able to pack quite a lot of smart features into the Mi Band 4.
I’m surprised at how many customization options Xiaomi included in the Mi Fit app. You can’t find some of these little conveniences in every fitness tracker:

Xiaomi mi Band 4
Vibration pattern: Each notification type can be programmed with a custom vibration pattern so you can tell the difference without even looking at the screen.
Schedule for auto screen wake up: You can set the Mi Band 4’s display to activate when you lift your wrist at certain hours of the day. That means the device won’t burn your eyes by accident when you’re trying to fall asleep.
Night mode: After sunset (or at your preferred time), your Mi Band 4’s screen brightness will be lowered.
Do not disturb: Many fitness trackers have built-in DND modes, but the Mi Band 4’s can be turned on even without your phone nearby. If you’re getting bombarded with notifications and need them to stop, switching to DND mode can be done in only a few taps.
The Mi Band 4 also supports different watch faces. There are a fair amount of watch face options available in the Mi Fit app. Roughly half of them are colorful digital faces, while the other half feature cute, big-eyed cartoon animals. To each their own.

14-day battery life
Bright, colorful screen
Feature-packed at rock-bottom price

Limited types of exercises tracked
Sleep tracking is not very accurate
Mi Fit app provides few actionable bits of advice

The Mi band 4 is one of the best Smartwatch you can get in the market. At it is sold for about $50.

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