Mi Smart Band 4 is a moderate wellness band from Xiaomi. With this, the fourth cycle of the Mi Band, Xiaomi has presented a and swim tracking and color display, and still profess to offer 20-day battery life. The Mi Band lineup started with an item that didn’t possess a display, and now we get a gadget with an AMOLED color display and loads of watch faces, which are ideal to have. The Mi Smart Band 4 costs somewhat more than the Mi Band 3, however, are its new highlights worth the asking cost?

mi band 4

The Design

The Mi Smart Band 4 has all its gadgets in a plastic container that fits cozily into a silicone band. The display is on the container, and a solitary capacitive button is underneath the screen. The base of the container has the pins for charging and heart rate sensor. To charge the Mi Smart Band 4, you have to remove the case from the band and spot it in its charger.

The Mi Smart Band 4 container doesn’t fit into the charger as needed. It continued jumping out before, in the end, opening in, which was very irritating. That is the greatest structure shortcoming of this item.

The Mi Band 4 is agreeable to wear for extended periods. We wore it for the duration of the day and keeping in mind that dozing around evening time and never saw it as in the manner. The band additionally offers a protected fit.

The 0.95-inch AMOLED show of the Mi Smart Band 4 is an incredible component. The content looks fresh, and the colors look decent as well. We didn’t have any issues looking at it under direct sun rays, in spite of the fact that we saw the textual style for warnings as a little bit tiny.

Mi Smart Band 4 Battery Life and performance

The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 has a great deal of valuable highlights, for example, the capacity to track various kinds of exercises including swimming, sleep tracking, consistent pulse checking, and notification are shown as well. Our most concerning issue with this gadget was that the more significant part of the valuable highlights was disabled by default, and we needed to turn them on in the app manually.

For instance, sleep assistant (which assists in obtaining exact sleep data), notifications, and the choice to turn on the display when you raise your wrist were completely disabled when we began utilizing this gadget. The last one, specifically, is such a fundamental component, that it should be the default operation. These settings are not very simple to discover, either, which complicates the issue.

mi band 4

Note that when we turned on every single one of these features, we saw a warning notification telling us that battery life may be diminished as a result of it. Be that as it may, by-passing a portion of the Mi Smart Band 4’s best highlights is anything but a sensible trade-off, as we would see it.

The claim made by Xiaomi is that the Mi band 4 possesses a battery life of around 20 days. We utilized the gadget for a week and found that the battery went down to 63 percent in that time. If you turn on every optional component, such as accurate sleep tracking, the battery depletes quicker. And still, at the end of the day, you can expect the Mi Smart Band 4’s battery to keep going for more than about fourteen days on a charge.

Companion application

We’ve applauded the quality of the Mi Fit application continuously and regularly noticed how it’s superior to the companion apps for a few fitness bands estimated more than Xiaomi’s Mi Band lineup. Our contemplations on the Mi Fit application remain, to a great extent, the equivalent even at this point. We think it looks great, and to a great extent makes it simple to discover the information you need.


Precise activity monitoring

Colorful display


Custom vibration designs for warning messages

Good battery life


Poor-fitting charger

A few tracking highlights turned off by default


The Mi Smart Band 4 is another reliable device in the Mi Band lineup. We cherished its displayed, workout tracking, and comfort. For $33.99, you can purchase this beautiful piece of tech at Banggood.

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