As we all known, the movies about the agents always are very popular among the human beings and the amounts of population to watch them are very large. There are so much agents films for us to see. Recently, the Mission: Impossible-Rogue Nation film hits the big screen in China on September 8th,2015. I have not seen this film as I have no time to see. My friends who had seen this film said that the chief actor is so handsome and the plot of the movie is so exciting. All their description make me cannot wait to watch it. From all the agent films, we can know that the agents are so dutiful that try their best to achieve their task. But it is not my main point. Have you ever realize that most of the agents have the same accessory on their body? Yes, it is the wrist watch. Why the wrist watch is so essential for the agents? Let’s find out the reasons.

mission impossible

agent movie

No.1: Taste
In the film, the agents need to go to a variety of parties for the rich people to look for the important code. In order to perfectly match with the luxury party, all the agents have to dress well up to show their high level of taste. In this moment, the men wrist watch and women wrist watch play an indispensable role on their dressing.



No.2: Intelligence
After all, the agents’ mission is very difficult for common people to accomplish and sometimes it is also a little difficult for agents to achieve. On this basis, they need the advanced technological machine to help them and the smart phone watch is one member of them. Here I do recommend the R11 bluetooth smart watch to you guys, you can know more detail from its website.

R11 bluetooth smart watch

female agent


No.3: Handsome
The plot that the chief actor try to show their handsome in front of the beautiful women will not lack. No matter in the reality life or in the movies, the situation always appear.

beautiful women

agent with watch

female agent

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