I will start off by telling you what tritium is so that you understand what it is you are about to buy. So, tritium is a radioactive hydrogen isotope that was first discovered by Paul Harteck, Ernest Rutherford and Mark Oliphant back in the year 1934. It is mainly used in research activities, fusion reactors and neutron generators. It has 3 neutrons. Given the fact that it is a form of hydrogen, it is mostly found in the air, water, and in some cases, you will find it in a human body.

Where to buy tritium

So, how is tritium made?

There are two ways in which tritium is made, which are;

Naturally – so, when cosmic rays interact with deuterium or nitrogen in the upper atmosphere, it forms carbon and tritium. The tritium then comes down in the form of rain, giving us the radioactive chemical naturally.

Artificially – this way, tritium is achieved through bombardment of hydrogen with neutrons in a nuclear reactor or an accelerator.

Applications of tritium

Tritium is widely used, especially in self-powered items that needs it to glow. Here are some of its uses;

Commercial self-powered lighting – tritium is used in self-powered lighting devices refers to as beta light. These beta lights are then applied in many devices such as map lights, watches, medical diagnostics, knives, exit signs as well as firearm night sights. It offers glowing power in this devices for up to 25 years without having to charge it.

Military weapons – so, the main function is to enhance the yield of fission and thermonuclear weapons. What’s more, it is used to boost the effectiveness of fission bombs and also fission stages in a process commonly known as boosting.

Health and safety – yes, tritium is radioactive and also a key ingredient to destruction as we have seen above, but the thing is, the risks involved in exposure on regular levels are pretty small. The reason for this is because it is a low energy beta emitter, behaves like water in a human body and lastly, it has a short half-life of around 12 years.

Where to buy

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