Even though smartphones have completely changed the way to tell time, watches are important time pieces. They exhibit a symbol of wealth and fashion statement to its wearer. Watches vary from one manufacturer to the other in terms of design.

What is a watch link removal kit?

When it comes to watches, you want your watch in perfect shape. A watch link removal kit is a tool designed to help you repair your damaged watch links or fasten them for a perfect fit. For you to do this, sometimes you are required to remove some links from the watch band to repair them or get an exact fit. The watch link removal kit consist of a watch band holder that can fit any watch band, some replacement pins, some pin punches, a wipe cloth, some spring bars and a dual head hammer.

Where to Buy a Watch Link Removal Kit

How to use a watch link removal kit

In the case of removing some links for a perfect fit, first measure the size of your wrist to determine the links you need to remove. Prepare a work station that can hold all your pins to prevent them from getting lost. A flat surface covered with soft cloth can do. At the back of the watch band, there are arrows that show where the cotter pins come out. Place your watch on the holder where you need to remove a link with the arrows facing downwards.

Place the sharp end of pin punch on the cotter pin and using the dual head hammer, lightly hit the end of the pin punch until you cannot push the cotter pin inside the link anymore. Remove the cotter pin once it goes through. Repeat the same procedure to all the cotter pins you need to remove to get your desired fit.

After removing all the desired links, place the watch bracelets back to the holder but this time ensure the arrows are facing upward. Rejoin the ends of the watch bracelet on the watch holder by placing the cotter pin back in the whole gently. Use your pin punch and harmer to put the cotter pin back correctly.

Where to buy watch link removal kit

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