Recently, my mom’s watch, produced by Swatch, which was bought for the running, has been already broken. What’s more, her birthday is just around the corner, so it’s time to choose a watch as a gift for my mom. However, there are tons of timepieces for me to choose, and those watches are different from each individual and dazzle me a bunch. In view of that, it seems to be a great big headache for me to choose a watch for my mom. As you know, watch should be more than practical for women, since they would love to show it off. So as choosing a watch for girls or women, except for the practical function, you should take the exterior into account as well.

calorie counter watch

And my mom has bradycardia, which means her heartbeats are less than 60 times per minute, and the bradycardia is often the result of another heart condition. Aside from eating healthier, stick to exercise, and healthy lifestyle, I guess there is something that I can do for her. I do worry about her health condition, so I would love to buy her a calorie counter watch, which she could not only tell the time while she is running but also be monitored by the smart watch.

W5 Pedometer Smart Watch W5 Pedometer Smart Watch W5 Pedometer Smart Watch

So, someone suggest me the W5 pedometer smart watch, and my mom was surprised by this smart watch which is completely beyond her imagination. This one could monitor her sleeping condition and show her sleep quality as well. She will love to wear this one as she heads out for running, since this one could count her moving steps and distance, and trace the calories. It’s freaking awesome, and I bet that my mom will love this smart watch absolutely.

calorie counter watch

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