If you are in the “serious industry” including the attorney, political circles or the enterprise leader, in fact, the wearing collocation could be the same as your outstanding ability, firm and persistent character as well as help you establish convincing authority in office. But how to wear so that you are not only able to keep the femininity of women but also manifest authority in workplace is the key point.

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Improve the waist line suit is able to draw the charming body shape of female while the suit that concentrate the visual to the shoulders can accent the body ratio, and the high waist line as well as ninth sleeves will add sense of strong independent for you.
1. Pay attention to the fabric choice, stick to the fabric with sense of drape effect, or with strong outline sense.
2. The short suit can always balance your body ratio to perfect on, no matter you would like to match it with the skirt or pant, and it can draw out your lower body!
3. The formal style dress is worth to try under the circumstance of feminine.
4. As for the colors of the outfit, just feel free to choose the wine red, sapphire blue and so on which is both bright and not lost elegant choice.
5. I suggest that spend more time on accenting with the accessories, but you don’t have to put on more or too bold, a piece of simple necklace or women watch, ring can achieve the effect of finishing the look.

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If you work in the industries such as financial, media, various offices, then I think the elegant and delicate appearance is suitable for you.
1. The choice of the outfit for you is flexible by either choosing the feminine dress or pants. But whatever you choose, the length of the dress should reach the knee and the color should be the low-key, steady which is safe in the office like black, grey, dark blue and green.
2. If you would like to wear the formal wear to make deep impression for people, the beautiful shoes in good texture, practical bag, Bluetooth Smart Watch are the best accessories.

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