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In your impression, it appears that pocket watches are the representative of the past. But now you will be given a new direction of such watch by the fashion designer Tom Ford who has designed a pocket chain for the popular Apple Watch. What a breathtaking thing in the world!

pocket Apple watchpocket Apple watchapple watch

On his new Spring/Summer 2016 London Collections Men Show, the most eye-catching accessory is the Apple Watch chain. Tom Ford installs a metal ring on the place where it is for strap, and the ring makes the chain and the watch combine together like a traditional pocket watch. It looks pretty elegant and classic when the models wore it to match with their dressing on the show. At the same time, it gives the stylish and fashionable impression to us. From the decorative factor, there is no doubt that it is a quite successful way to redesign the Apple Watch.

pocket Apple watchpocket Apple watch

From another perspective, it isn’t difficult to see that Tom Ford designs the pocket Apple Watch at the cost of some certain functions like the feature of heart rate sensor. As we all know, Apple Watch have the complicated body sensor devices to monitor heart rate and it must work with skin-to-skin contact, or it can’t take a start. But here we must realize the point that fashion thing isn’t the practical one. Therefore, I do think Tom Ford makes a remarkably successful achievement by designing the pocket Apple Watch. What do you think?

pocket Apple watchapple watch

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