Eddie Redmayne undoubtedly is one of famous young talents in the world who has made excellent performances on actor, singer and model. Nowadays, he gets another good fame that he was welcomed into the Omega family as one of international ambassadors depending on his remarkable talents and unique style. Yes, now he joins the Omega ambassadors’ list which includes Cindy Crawford, Rory Mellroy, George Clooney and so on.

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As we all know, Omega is one of the international watch enterprises and its name omega is one behalf of the symbol of “Ω”. The brand was started by Louis Brandt in 1848 which marked the glorious achievement on the history of creating watch. Not long before, Omega had become the pioneer of watchmaking. Until now, it still leads an important position to the watchmaking.

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Mr Urquhart, the Omega global president said, “We are glad to welcome Eddie join omega’s family, he has a real elegance and sincerity. Also, he is very humble. His those characteristics are pretty in line with omega brand’s spirit, so we are looking forward to going hand in hand with Eddie in the future.” Of course, Eddie is very happy and honored to join into Omega. He said he has worn Omega watches for many years.

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