When it comes to looking good, Men do not just rely on good clothing but nice looking wrist watches too. A watch is the only jewelry that men can wear at all  imes and it compliments their look on all occasions. A watch these days is more than a device that shows time; it can be as functional as you want it. Modern watches come with various advanced features that can help a man to accomplish several tasks too. There are plenty of different types of watches, each with its own unique characteristics and features that stand out.

SKMEI 1188

The SmartWatch SKMEI 1188

Ever since the advent of smartphones, there have been developments in many other areas, and watch industry is no exception in this regard. SKMEI 1188 is the one that comes with features that make it compatible with your smartphones. With the help of its Bluetooth feature, you can connect the watch to your iOS or Android smartphone. This helps you get notifications from your phone directly on to your watch. You can sync your phone with this watch and get various other reminders, calendar events, call reminders, etc on your wrist. It has sleep tracker, pedometer and even monitors your heart/pulse rate. So you can manage your health in a more effective way. You can enable or disable the notifications you want to see on your watch using the app. It even has a low battery indicator that lets you know when to replace the battery.

SKMEI 1188

Toughness of Military with SMAEL 1027

Men prefer a watch that looks rigid and very manly along with being attractive. The SMAEL 1027 comes with a military design and features such as reverse timer and shock resistance that makes it ideal for your adventure activities. It also has a beautiful backlight feature, attractive design, and dual time mode; that is, analog and digital. It is water-resistant that protects your watch from rain or even when going for a swim up to 30 meters. This watch comes fully black with a blue backlight and has a look that can kill.

SMAEL 1027

The Executive SKMEI 1146

This is again a dual time watch that comes with a metal body and stainless steel strap. This watch looks perfect for that professional look and goes well with a nice James Bond style Tuxedo. It has functions such as timer, alarm and a rotating compass that are ideal for your ultimate mission. SKMEI 1146 comes with backlight function so you can see the time in the dark too. The watch looks very stylish and even water-resistant up to 30 meters that makes it ideal for outdoor activities.

SKMEI 1146

On a whole, these three watches really stand out with looks, design, features, and functionality that makes them perfect for today’s modern generation.

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