For men, there are few accessories that are more versatile and practical than a watch. Whether they are at a fancy party or on a hiking trip, the right timepiece will make them look good while serving its purpose. But, there are so many, it can be difficult to choose one.

There are many options in the market that adapt to different personalities and necessities. Here, we are going to talk about three models you need to have if you want to be ready for any situation.

SKMEI 1236

The SKMEI 1236 is the perfect watch for outdoor men

When you are hiking in the mountains, you need a robust watch that can do more than just giving the time, and SKMEI hit the nail with SKMEI 1236. This digital timepiece is made of polyurethane and stainless steel, and it comes in three models: Black, blue and red. It has basic functions like world time, backlight, and stopwatch. It is also waterproof, so you can take a swim with it without fearing damaging it making SKMEI 1236 a reliable addition to your wardrobe.


The TEVISE 356 is the perfect option for business meetings

First impressions matter, especially when you are meeting a potential client. Enter the TEVISE 356, an elegant and sturdy watch that will make you look good without breaking the bank. TEVISE designed this full stainless steel wrist watch inspired by the classic military style that businessmen favor. The pointers glow in the dark which makes it easy to use regardless the room’s lightning, and it gives it a modern detail to an otherwise sober watch.

  AllCall W1

The AllCall W1 combines technology and style

AllCall designed the W1 smartwatch to give modern men a powerful and stylish option. The W1 runs on android has a quad-core processor and 2GB ram. That combined to the 16 Gb ROM makes it faster than many smartphones. It supports SIM cards, so it supports message synchronization and Bluetooth calls. It has a smart AMOLED screen that lights up when you raise it, so its battery can last up to 2 days of use. The AllCall W1 can track your heart rate in real time and register a log of the quality of your sleep which makes it really useful for men take care of themselves.

So, which of these would you like to add to your collection? Let us know in the comment section below.

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