People in today’s time are extremely healthily conscious. In our busy lives, we tend to forget so many things and it becomes difficult for us to discipline our life and keep a track of our everyday activities. The best way to improve our health is through self-quantification. M2Z Smart Bracelet is one such popular device that helps you to track your daily activities from health issues to office work, this smart bracelet is one solution for all your need.

M2Z Smart Bracelet

M2Z Smart Bracelet is loaded with various features. Coming to the look and external appearance of this bracelet, this device is a rectangle in shape and has a 0.96 inch OLED screen with a high-quality touchscreen. The device is light in touch and is extremely sensitive that allows you to change the menu easily. Made of TPU material, this bracelet is light in weight and can be used by both men and women.

M2Z Smart Bracelet

Well, this was about the external appearance of the bracelet. Now, let’s look at the various features and functionalities incorporated into this device. This multifunctional wearable device is a perfect choice for people who are healthily conscious or has health issues. Integrated with various health features, this Heart Rate Smart Watch helps you to keep a track of all your heart problems. It can easily detect Blood pressure, heart rate, calorie consumption, sleep time, sleep pattern with standard exercise function. The device has a pedometer that helps you to calculate your steps, the distance, and the calories consumed. This device is a controller that gives you detail information about all your activities and is ideal for overall health goal settings.

M2Z Smart Bracelet

Apart from this the device also works as an Alarm Clock, Temperature monitor, SMS Reminder, Sedentary reminder, call reminder and helps you in message management, shows incoming calls and embedded with remote control camera. This wearable device has an anti-loss function which means there is a working connection between your bracelet and mobile and if the connection is lost it will give you a reminder.

 wearable device

Coming to the battery and its capacity, the device will leave you awestruck. The battery used in this device is a Li-polymer battery with 90 mAh capacity. The standby time is 5-7 days and can be charged for 2 hours. You can easily charge the device through USB plug.

Heart Rate Smart Watch

The device is compatible with all Android and iOS device and Bluetooth with 4.0 versions. With so many features and functions, this device is a must buy for everyone.

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