Are you searching for an amazing smartwatch? We have taken a good look at one to help you find a watch that fits your needs. Read our review and find out if it is what you’re searching for!



The smartwatch that we’ve studied this time is the Lemfo Lem9. It’s a sporty-looking device with many cool features. The watch has a non-removable PU-strap and an aluminum frame,  and the exterior is sporty and looks good. Along with the watch, you also get a charging dock, charging cable, a screwdriver and a user manual written in English.



The Lemfo Lem9 has a lot of features that make you live both healthier and happier. The watch has two modes, one watch mode, and one bracelet mode. The battery is 600 Mah and lasts for hours. A great feature with the Lem9 is that it has a built-in camera in the front so that you can make video calls with others through your watch. The Lemfo Lem 9 has a slot for nano-sim,  and you can use it to make calls and enter the internet.


The operative system is Android 7.1, and the watch has a large storage of 16 GB. You can download both movies, music, and pictures in an instant. It has a GPS positioning system that helps you not to get lost if you’re out of your area. You can use the Lemfo Lem9 to listen to music while you’re exercising,  and it helps you by measuring your heart-rate all through the day. It has 9 different sports modes that you can use to exercise. Of course, Lemfo has created a water-proof watch that has a battery with 5 days range on stand-by.


Pros and Cons

The Lemfo Lem9 has many cons compared to a lot of other smartwatches on the market. With the Lem9,  you can not only make calls and video calls but also can use it for sports and it has memory enough for both videos and pictures. The battery is strong,  and the device is water-proof. The price is low,  and it’s worth the money. A con is that you can’t change the bracelet, but it’s because it’s all connected for it to work.



Are you looking for a smartwatch that has it all? Then the Lemfo Lem9 is a great choice for you! With this beautiful, sporty watch you don’t even need a phone! It has a sim card slot, can make both voice and video calls and even snap pictures. Of course, it’s perfect for exercise and heart-rate monitoring as well. The Lemfo Lem9 has an affordable price considering all the features that you get. It makes you look cool at the same time as it helps you keep your life healthy.

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