Every innovation nowadays tries to pack different exciting features in one convenient package. A few years ago, cell phones were only meant for communication while television was used only for watching shows. Now in 2017, we have cell phones and television sets that can both be used for watching shows, surfing the web, and making calls or texts to our loved ones. Watches are not left behind in technological upgrades. Like other devices, watchmakers have innovated their craft which led to the birth of smartwatches. For instance, Lemfo, one of the innovators of smartwatches, launched its latest offering to the public–the LEMFO LEM5 PRO.


Unlike most smartwatches that are instantly visible to the eyes of others, the LEM5 PRO looks like a normal analog watch at first glance. However, this device has a 1.39” OLED round display which has a 400*400 resolution. With such good display, it will make anyone appreciate the 50 styles of clock mode available on it.

LEMFO LEM5 PROIn addition, the watch will be able to show accurately your location with its built-in GPS and applications for fitness. The LEM5 PRO can help you in your fitness or sports goals by tracking your progress in jogging, running, or biking. This device will be your next fitness buddy with its capability to record your steps, calories, and distance.

LEMFO LEM5 PROMoreover, it can also monitor your heart rate while you exercise. You will not get bored exercising, studying or whatever it is that you may do for the LEM5 PRO will also add music to your days with its music player with Bluetooth capability.


The LEM5 PRO got you covered as well with its weather check. This heavy-duty watch is compatible with any Android or iOS phone. It can alert you to any incoming messages or calls that your mobile phone will get. Staying in touch with your loved ones is never a problem with the LEM5 PRO.


With a 2GB RAM and 16GB memory in flash, it is indeed a big device in a small package. It runs on Android which opens up a lot of applications at your fingertips. This watch looks also sharp for the part with its leather band and finely brushed stainless-steel case infused with anodic oxidation technology that prevents the color from fading away. The LEM5 PRO also has a 450mAh battery which gives it a standby time of 100 hours. This device is also IP55 waterproof which means it can withstand dust, dirt, or washing. Beware however for it is not suitable for underwater activities.

LEMFO LEM5 PROWith such a powerful device in our fingertips, our daily activities and tasks will be a lot easier to handle. Go to your nearest Lemfo retailer and get your own LEM5 PRO now!

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