A 4G smartwatch is a must-have gadget of our time. It is not surprising that Blitzwolf ventured into this area with its version of 4G capable smartwatch. Introducing the Blitzwolf BW-BE1 smartwatch. This new smartwatch retails at a discounted price of US$139.99 from the normal of US$199.99 giving you -30% off. For only five days only on Bangood. The First Smart Watch Phone of Blitzwolf, wearable with a sporty look and equipped with dual cameras, Face Unlock Smart Watch, among other amazing features.BlitzWolf BW-BE1 Smartwatch


The BlitzWolf BW-BE1 Smartwatch prides itself on a 16 inch HD color screen that displays bigger and thicker words, allows you to read time and data even under the brightness, makes colors more realistic. You can download the “Da Fit” application through the application store or Google Play Store.

Face unlock

It has Prime Smart Watch with Face Recognition Technology that only takes 0.1s to quickly unlock your smartwatch. Easy and comfortable, better protect your privacy. Which is suitable for use when you have sweat on your hands during exercise.


The BlitzWolf BW-BE1 Smartwatch is powered by an 800 mAh Battery that can be used normally for 1-2 days and Large Memory: In the power-saving mode for 3-5 days to meet your daily use needs. Equipped with 3GB RAM + 32GB ROM, you can download your favorite music or applications.


The smartwatch also boasts of 13 MP + 5 MP Dual HD Camera: 5 million pixels on the front, 13 million pixels on the side, 5.0 MP Comms high sensitivity cameras provide a high definition camera/video experience.


It is a 4G smartphone and watch on your wrist: The item has a built-in independent SIM card slot, supports full Netcom 4G network, you can directly make calls and surf the Internet, download various Android applications and run videos or games, and also support smartwatch functions like heart rate monitoring and sports tracking.

Also, it’s a 4G / WiFi Network Switch at Will: Compatible with 4G + Full Netcom and WiFi fast Internet access, high-speed and stable network connection, brings you a smoother operating experience and smoother video calls. Please do not buy as this item still has many flaws.

The BlitzWolf BW-BE1 Smartwatch has a lot to offer like Independent calls and SMS messages, you can also access apps like, Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp on it. The BlitzWolf BW-BE1 Smartwatch is also able to get data tracking on an outdoor run, outdoor walk, indoor run, outdoor run, outdoor bike, football, etc. Just to name a few. Remember that the watch has a discounted price of US$139.99 from the normal of US$199.99 for only five days only on bangood. So make your purchase as soonest possible.


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