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Nowadays, watch is no longer a independent timepiece to make people know correct time. Likewise, bracelet is not a bracelet only while wearing. Although you aren’t strange with bracelet watch, but can you imagine what will happen when these two individuals get together along with advanced technology. Yes, it is the age of bracelet smart watch which is closing to your life tightly in the future. The I5 plus smart watch undoubtedly is a remarkable example to lead a pioneering position in the world.

I5 plus smart watchI5 plus smart watch

Now that it is a smart watch, there is no doubt that I5 plus is equipped with all the basic functions that other smart phone watch have such as notifying calls and messages, monitoring sleeping and movements, taking photos, preventing phone loss and so on. Of course, it can just be regarded as a decorative bracelet to wear conveniently. However, I do prefer to its some other amazing and surprising features.

I5 plus smart watchI5 plus smart watchI5 plus smart watchI5 plus smart watch

First, wearing I5 plus to swim or dive is an essential thing because of its IP67 depth waterproof function. During water time, you won’t miss any important call or message because you can finish the operation under the water. Second, wearing it for a week’s trip is really a happy thing since the watch is equipped with new chipset ans higher performance battery which can last up 5 to 7 working days. Most importantly, it is easy to charge it as a USB in your computer. Third, gesturing the watch to point the menu you want to open is a very cool activity, do you think so?

I5 plus smart watchI5 plus smart watchI5 plus smart watchI5 plus smart watchI5 plus smart watchI5 plus smart watch

Facing such a gorgeous and smart bracelet watch, what else do you think?

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