Frequently Asked Questions For Watches

Jan 3, 2019
Most watches are constructed to last for an extended period. But unfortunately, this is not possible because of everyday use and damages like scratches, drops and water damage. When you purchase a wat...

Inexpensive Watch Repair Kit For Professionals

Nov 14, 2018
Though mobile phones are popular, most people continue to use watches and clocks because they are inexpensive and do not require regular recharging like mobile phones. Also, mobile phones have expensi...

What Must You Have in Your Watch Repair Kit?

Oct 15, 2018
Watch repair is quite an interesting profession thanks to the thousands of watches and watch sizes in the world. Nevertheless, a variety of repair kits are available in the market hence a good horolog...

What Does a Watch Repair Kit Contain?

Oct 10, 2018
Fixing your watch needs the correct tools. It might be a simple task of changing the battery or a tougher task of replacing the crown, but you can finish them without the right tools. With a complete ...

How to Change The Leather Band of The Watch?

Sep 12, 2018
There comes a time when one wants to replace the band of his or her watch either because it is worn out or just want a new-look. Replacing your watch strap is fun and an easy process that helps reinve...