The most Elegant Watch for Women to Take It Home

Sep 25, 2015
Sometimes, people think the wrist watch is only suitable for the men, not the women. The women is more suitable to put on the jewelry such as the necklace, the bracelet and so on. But I want to say th...

Good Tip for You to be the Campus Beau in the New Term

Aug 31, 2015
Recently, more and more students no matter what kind of university you are studying start beginning their new term to have the lessons. Being a student who is going to go back to the school, I guess y...

A New Fresh Brand of Wrist Watch You should Know

Aug 27, 2015
With regard to the popularity of the wrist watch in this modern society, more and more brands of watch are known and come into people’s life frequently. How much brands of watch do you know and how ...

Why Men Love to Wear the Watch

Aug 24, 2015
It is said by a lot of people that the watch is the most classic piece for the men to put on. If you take some time to observe all the men, you can find out that most men love to wear the watch. Why? ...

Watch is Perfect for all Men on Valentine’s Day

Aug 19, 2015
Do you know what date is tomorrow? Tomorrow is the Chinese Valentine’s Day and the girls around me are so excited that they can’t focus their mind on their life, study and work. I can understa...

Wearing the Wrist Watch to Run to Your Beautiful Bride

Aug 15, 2015
A few days ago, I were invited to take part in one chatting group of Wechat, which made me get the chance to contact many primary classmates. Through communicating with each other, I surprisingly real...

Let the Wrist Watch Be the most Charming Bracelet

Aug 11, 2015
In most people’s memory, the jewelry must be the necessary accessory to match with the women’s dressing no matter what jewelry it is. For so much jewelry, which kind of them you always put on? For...

How to Distinguish the Mechanical and Quartz Watch

Aug 6, 2015
Watch, always is the necessary accessory for people to wear in the daily life. Do you think so? I have wear watch since I go to school and I am a senior student of university now, so how many have I w...

Why Watch is so Important in Our Daily Life

Jul 23, 2015
With regard to all kinds of phenomenon in our daily life, have you ever thought about the reason about them? I am quite a curious person so I have many questions to ask, which might make others want t...

Show off Good Figure & Wrist Watch in Summer

Jun 26, 2015
It is told by an advertisement that the rainy day is better to match with chocolate. Although it is just a chocolate advertisement, it makes me think of something funny and meaningful. As far as I am ...

Watch Has Her Own Bosom Friend, Bracelet

May 4, 2015
Don’t think that watch is born lonely, actually her bosom friend isn’t less than you. From the design of bracelet watch, it can be concluded that bracelet is one of watch’s best friend. Don’t ...