Couple Watches to Show Off

Mar 24, 2016
Obviously, I love wonderful watches, and so does my boyfriend. We have been together for a couple of days, and we are so in love. As many couples would do, we would love to have something in pair to s...

Styling the Knitted Wrist Watch to Make a Statement

Oct 24, 2015
Do you have no idea about which kind of watch to wear to make a statement? You don’t have to worry that anymore, since I’m going to introduce you the watch that I adore so much in this post. This ...

How to Mix and Match Your Gold Watch

Oct 14, 2015
I don’t know exactly when I have become addicted to the gold watch, since I had disliked the gold color for a long time. However, I have found this color kind of attention-grabbing, and wearing the ...

The most Elegant Watch for Women to Take It Home

Sep 25, 2015
Sometimes, people think the wrist watch is only suitable for the men, not the women. The women is more suitable to put on the jewelry such as the necklace, the bracelet and so on. But I want to say th...