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Every time when the season begins to change, the various fashion shows must glut our eyes. Asides from the fashion show, outside the fashion show is another watching focus that you can’t miss. It is truth that when compare with the women’s fashion show, men’s seems low-key. But as the development of the society and the changing concept of men, the outfit and accessories of men became just as important as women’s. More and more men start to think highly of their appearance, and leave no stone unturned to make they look stylish no matter wandering outdoor or in the business world.

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In reality, besides the fashion outfit you should pay more attention to, you also need to spend more time on the accessories such as men watches, if you would like to create the perfect and unique appearance. I think you must have your own idea after watching the following street snap of the watches collocations.

 skeleton leather wrist watch  skeleton leather wrist watch  skeleton leather wrist watch  skeleton leather wrist watch

@M28 Phone Watch, skeleton leather wrist watch

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