Fans of smartwatches are in for yet more surprises. Every new model channeled into the market seems to be a game changer. LEMFO for instance, have not backtracked on their quest to stamp authority in this smartwatch branding enterprise. Famously known for the official classic look of their designs, instead of the preferred sporty feel of other brands, LEMFO watches have done a great deal in putting all features of a smartphone into a more convenient device.


The latest of their innovations include the LEMFO LEM5. The smartwatch boasts of 1GB RAM, 8GB ROM and runs on Android 5.1, making it the ideal device that replaces the typical cell phone. Quite an advantage, considering that one can’t wear their cell phone around their wrist. It does require a SIM Card though and can support up to the 3G network. For a smartwatch device, hence the small screen, the high-resolution of LEMFO LEM5 surely performs above expectations. The typical athlete would actually get good value for his money thanks to the pace tracking abilities of the pedometer alongside a heart-beat rate sensor. It does actually keep a record of this data.

lemfo lem5

As LEMFO advanced the LEMFO LEM5 to its latest brand, the PRO version, not much changed. However, like any younger, brighter sister, she has more to pride herself in. She gloats of 2GB RAM and 16 GB ROM, which makes the LEMFO LEM5 PRO among the best smartwatches one can hold. So, one can just picture a device having all the features in a LEMFO LEM5 like WiFi, all multimedia support, GPS, USB pin, yet on a faster device. The Bluetooth version 4.0 of the LEMFO LEM5 PRO is further enhanced, unlike the LEMFO LEM5’s version 2.0. Both watches are compatible with IOS and Android phones simply by connecting through Bluetooth.


These two watches are quite a kill considering that they are standalone and can push notifications from one’s smartphone. In fact, one can remotely control his camera, control his music or even locate a lost device.


That notwithstanding, it’s a sure bet that the LEMFO LEM5 PRO performs better than LEMFO LEM does in many aspects. It’s larger ROM capacity magnifies the Google Play experience as more apps can be installed. The 2GB RAM too, double the size of its counterpart, does reinforce the ability of LEMFO brand smartwatches to perform many functions at the same time. What’s more, LEMFO LEM5 PRO can support phone by connecting your phone with Bluetooth but the LEMFO LEM5 fails to do it.

For the latest technology hippie, this smartwatch innovation, the LEMFO LEM5 PRO is the smartwatch to look out for.

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