Today, I am going to show you wonderful two smart watches that could make your life much better. And nowadays, there are so many smart watches for you to choose, so you might have been dazzled by different kinds of choice. The smart watches I am going to show you today are not only practical but also fashionable to style with your clothing. Now, let’s take a look.

Sma 07 Sport Watch

Sma 07 Bluetooth Touch Button Heart Rate Monitor Smart Bracelet Waterproof Sport Watch

This one features with dynamic heart rate detection, so it could be better to monitor your activities. As most of the smart watch do, it could be a practical heart rate monitor, show you call notification, and show you your sport status. However, this one it could also tell you how your activity status is by lighting in different colors.

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L58 Smart bracelet

L58 Bluetooth Smart Watch Fashion Sport Waterproof Wristwatch

It looks really more fashionable than other smartwatch, in my opinion. It has a round dial with metal edge in gold, which is of good workmanship. And I love the design very much. There are two kinds of color you could choose for your daily life, black and white. And it has multiple functions, so that you could take advantage of it to make your life healthier and better.

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