Here is one of the newest Senbono smartwatches, the Senbono Max 2 Smartwatch which has a much classier look. It looks sporty, with a good design and is loaded with sports and health features. It is considered by many to be the best cheap smartwatch by Senbono. We are currently reviewing the specifications and features and here are the first details of the smartwatch.

Max 2


The Design

Senbono is back with Smartwatch Max 2. The wearer looks modern, sporty and modern with its chronotype bezel. The smartwatch has a crown button and another oval button on the side. The body is a lightweight zinc alloy frame and weighs only 58 grams. According to the specs page, the watch is durable, has a strong make, and is IP68 water-resistant. Resistant to splashes, professional swimmers and dust. A flexible leather or silicone strap with a stainless steel buckle is available for wearing the strap.
The display of the Senbono Max 2 Smartwatch is a 1.28-inch round screen with bright colors, sharp and clear display. It arrives with a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels. In addition, there is a 2.5D tempered glass surface, which ensures a clear and crystal clear display.

Max 2


Health functions

This smartwatch is equipped with a 24-hour heart rate monitor that checks your heart rate around the clock. In addition, it possesses a blood oxygen monitoring function installed to the VC32S chip, a two-in-one sensor (red light + green light sensor).

It is also equipped with a sleep monitoring function that fully monitors the quality of your sleep by providing analytical evaluations. An added health feature is a jammed reminder that warns you not to get up after sitting for a long time.

Complete Package of 24 Sports Monitoring

The Max 2 is categorized as a sports smartwatch. Get in shape with 24 sport modes including outdoor running, indoor running, hiking, swimming, cycling, jump rope, table tennis, cricket, mountaineering, yoga, spinning, badminton, basketball, soccer, hockey, ball volleyball, tennis, baseball, dancing, soccer, jumping, gymnastics, sit-ups and rowing.

With its built-in motion sensor, the wearer has automatic activity tracking, step, distance and calorie tracking.

Real-time Notifications

Receive real-time messages, be it text messages or notifications from the app. You can read messages directly on your smartwatch. It also has call notifications with call rejection support.

Max 2

Additional Features

Other functions of the smartwatch are alarm, time, photo remote control, music remote control, pre-installed dial, water reminder, loss protection and more.
The Senbono Max 2 also has a speaker and microphone for its Bluetooth calls. It is powered by a 300 mAh battery with 15 days of standby time and 5 days of normal use. Enables wearable call logs, dialers, and phonebooks. Another feature that HD speakers use is the music player. You can download various music tracks on your device and play and listen to them with a Bluetooth headset.


The specifications of this smartwatch is eye-catching and I think it is worth checking out. You can purchase one online on Banggood and you won’t be disappointed.

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SENBONO Max 2: The Best Cheap Smartwatch You Can Buy
Article Name
SENBONO Max 2: The Best Cheap Smartwatch You Can Buy
This year we have seen so many brands releasing new smartwatches and many of them have been top-notch. Today, we will be reviewing one of those smartwatches; SENBONO Max 2.

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