Watches tend to give you a more complementing advantage. With an ideal accessory in place, your general look can improve immensely. This is the reason why as a casual/business enthusiast, you need a watch to match your appearance. In today’s fashion market, ladies wrist watches come in different designs, colors, and technology. Here, we will focus on three exceptional Sanda watches; what they, offer, and how to incorporate their semblance.

sanda watches

Sanda-P194 fashion watch

The leather strapped quartz watch is an accessory that offers many advantages. Women who value their fashion should consider this accessory to match the flared dress of choice. Having a simple, modern design and waterproofing features, the Sanda-P194 can match any business look.

Incorporating the white strapped watch with secondary accessories like the black cashmere scarf, white leather bag, and sleek flats give you a more stylish look.

Other watch offers come in black, red, pink, brown, and blue color choices. Choose an ideal color choice for an easy matching outfit.

sanda watches

Sanda-P206 fashion watch

This beautifully designed lady’s watch is one example of an outstanding choice. The leather straps and unique design describing this accessory makes it stand a step higher than the rest in the fashion market.

As a business enthusiast, the wide variety of color combinations offered by this watch brand can match any official wardrobe selection.

The red and black strapped picks are not only common choices to try. It is easy to match these two color combinations with multiple accessory choices. A striped tote bag and a pair of colorful heels are great choices that match the Sanda watch precisely.

Other color choices offered include the purple, brown, red, and pink strap offers.

sanda watches


Sanda-P231 fashion watch

This one of a kind Sanda watch selection describes the modern day business woman. Combining style and class, you can match that particular dress with a pair of the white/blue leather strapped accessory.

The minor fashion details offered by this accessory can, however, transform your general look. The simple crown (octagon face glass), stainless steel cover, and uniquely designed minute and hour hand are key features that make this watch an outstanding pick.

Modern fashion accessories like hand jewelry, necklace, and earrings can match this watch choice.

Suggestions. Choose a piece of jewelry with the same color combination as the watch to emphasize your look.

sanda watches


As a fashion enthusiast, one important tip to note is fashion matching. Experts say, Try to select a watch accessory to blend precisely with the kind of look in your wardrobe for a more sophisticated look. For a more sophisticated casual look, incorporate casual accessories whereas for a formal and business look, incorporate your appearance with formal accessories.

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