2018 has registered a high comeback in camo military fashion. The change of style is inspired by tiredness in one style, a feeling of change, interest in the outfit or simply conformity with the present trend. In going military camo, the change affects any part of the dress. Most of the commonly dressed are the green sweatshirts, camo sweatpants, loose-fitting trousers, military boots and puffer jackets among others. Of late military watches have formed the highest level fashion trend. The military watches come in different types, functionalities, and colors. This post delves into three of the commonly worn military watches.

military watches


SKMEI 1029 model is a sports male wrist quartz digital watch that comes with style and super functionalities. The round glass watch comes with both analog and digital display. It is a sizeable watch with a diameter of 5.7 cm and average thickness. The watch is 50m waterproof. This advantage allows you to swim with it, shower or wash your hands with it worn. It should however not be operated in water or get into hot water. SKMEI 1029 comes in six shades of military colors.

military watches


SMAEL 1077 military camo watch is round glass made multipurpose male watch. The fashion and sports T. P. U watch comes with a digital display. The watch is sizeable with a band of width 23 mm and a length of 268 mm. Dial diameter is 51 mm and the case is 18 mm. It is lifetime waterproof. It has a multitude of functionalities a such as time display, date, week, luminous water display, calendar and alarm ring. It comes in six shades of military colors.

military watches


SMAEL 1545 is a male P. U glass waterproof wrist watch. The watch is worn as casual wear, fashion and for sport uses. It has both analog and digital display. It is multifunctional as it displays time, date, week and has a backlight. The watch is of good size. It has a band length of 220 mm and width of 21 mm. It’s dial diameter 48 mm and case thickness of 19 mm. The watch has a 50m waterproof life. It can be showered with. You can swim or wash hands with it. Hot water or operate inside water isn’t however good for it.

military watches

Military watches have registered the fastest comeback in fashion trend in 2018. They are have hit this far because on their multi-functionalities, the show of class and as a fashion trend. Get one today and be among three top fashion trendsetters in 2018.


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