Have you ever heard Durr watch before? To be honest, I didn’t know anything about it in previous time until one of my best friend send it to me. For appreciating my friend, I have worn it for some times, so it high time for me to do a true review for it.

Durr watchDurr watch

Yes, it isn’t a common watch that is the same as we always wear, but a completely decorative watch on the hand. You don’t listen wrongly, there is no time sheet for me to see, so one of main function of it is to use it match with my wearings in daily life.

decorative watchdecorative watchdecorative watch

Of course, although it can’t see time, it will have its special feature aside from decoration, that is one of perfect vibrating watch that is regarded as time perception. In other words, when I wear it, I can know how fast time goes while doing anything such as chatting with friends, doing sports, waiting and so on because the watch goes on vibrating every 5 minutes. How wonderful the feature is!

vibrating watchvibrating watch

It is worth mentioning that it can’t be adjusted the time between vibrations since there is on/off only. Also, it is not waterproof, so I need to take off while touching water with hands.

vibrating watchvibrating watchvibrating watch

Broadly speaking, it is really a perfect decorative and vibrating watch. If you have such requirement, it is deserve to consider.

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