Men always need a wonderful watch to spice up. And you might have been looking for the wonderful watches for a long time. However, you might need some suggestions. And here are some fashion watches from OHSEN, so that you could get your affordable and good-looking one.


OHSEN AD2806 Sport 3 Dial Black Mlilitary Date Week Men Quartz Watch

This one looks a little bit like the military watch, and it has an exquisite dial. And if you like it, you could have different colors of the dial.

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OHSEN 2821 LED Digital Rubber Band Alarm Stopwatch Waterproof Sport Watch

This one is made of rubber, so it’s kind of soft to touch. And it’s also waterproof. And it’s kind of cheap for teenagers. It could also be the fantastic gift for the Christmas.

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OHSEN AD2808 Sport Analog Digital Watch Waterproof Army Military Men Wrist Watch

A military digital watch might be a choice that would never be out-of-date. And this one could attract teens attention somehow, because it could be style with so many different kinds of clothing.

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