2014 has been a history, and the Normcore become the top fashion words, then the question is what is the Normcore style? If you are wearing the common T-shirt, plimsolls, or jean, simple style jaragar watch, then you are wearing the Normcore style casual. But how to wear is the key point.

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Tip one: pure
As for the colors of the fashion item, you should stick to pure, that doesn’t mean you need to turn down the all the bright colors, instead, just keep a piece in a color is OK. But it doesn’t include the strips fashion items which can be said as one of the shinning points of the Normcore style.

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Tip two: simple
Get rid of the tassel, drape or the fur; change them to the simple casual style fashion items. Or you could also feel free to choose the simple style men’s bracelets, necklaces or men commercial watch to improve your look to next level.

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Tip three: bright
This is the key step that can distinguish you from the passerby, there are necessary for you to select the outfit that have delicate difference and shining point.

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Tip four: add some accessories
Avoid choose the low neck inside item, the one has higher neckline would be great. The eye-catching items including shoes, hats, jewelry!

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