It may that some of you don’t like to wear watch in daily life, which seems that watch is not so essential for you. But have you ever imagined that some watches can be regarded as one of bracelet to wear like the clover pendant wrist watch, which is really fashionable and eye-catching.

Clover Pendant Wrist WatchClover Pendant Wrist Watch

When you wear such watch, you can take off your beloved bracelet momentarily. Here one point you should be clear that it doesn’t mean you can’t wear bracelet together, instead, what the idea indicate is you can make watch become the best bracelet to embellish your look as well. Therefore, whatever you wear a leather watch or stainless steel watch, it is wise for you to view it as a accessory like bracelet, not just a time knowing tool.

Clover Pendant Wrist WatchClover Pendant Wrist WatchClover Pendant Wrist Watch

Of course, everything will be more perfect if you choose a bracelet watch to wear. For one thing, the watch itself is a kind of bracelet, you don’t need to think more about the problem of collocation. For another, it is pretty good to feature your charming look and glamour more obviously.

bracelet watchbracelet watchbracelet watchbracelet watch

From now on, what are you hesitant to wear watch as one of the best bracelet?

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