The rapid evolution of smartwatches has shoved the desire to be trendy down our throats. They are irresistible. Brands are out there, all shouting for attention. The popular Lemfo brand did not let its guard down on retaining a leading role in coming up with unique innovations on its models. For instance, just before the dust settled around the  Lemfo Les2  smartwatch, it’s younger brother was already haunting tech hippies.

Lemfo Les2

Unique features of the Lemfo Les 2

The Lemfo Les2 smartwatch is the much-awaited version upgrade on the Lemfo Les1. The nano sim card support allows the user to dial pals, receive calls, send texts and even browse the web on any 3G network. Deeper into the bargain, this Lemfo watch presents WiFi-enabled and Bluetooth capabilities. This Lemfo Bluetooth watch capacitates phone assistance with any device running on Android 4.4 and above or iOS 9.0 and above.

 Lemfo Les2


Apart from housing most of the functions of a basic cellphone under one roof, it does run on Android 5, thus retaining most of the user’s Google Play experience. In fact, the user can sync apps with his smartphone. There’s nothing that oozes class like owning a device that supports one’s daily activities. For example, the built-in GPS in the LEMFO LES2 eases a user’s navigation, helps search for a lost phone and keeps the athlete on track too.

pedometer watch

Complete value for money

Besides that, there’s more value for money for the health-conscious, athletic wearer. It has a built-in pedometer and a heartbeat rate sensor. Obviously, that makes it a real deal since the pedometer watch can note your pace, determine the distance you’ve covered, record the energy used while telling you your pulse rate. With its 1GB RAM and 16GB ROM, it has enough to analyze and update this data in a customised system app. The watch is also not expected to run out of charge while biking or running the tracks when it boasts of a 450mAH battery capacity which assures 48 hours of standby time and 2 hours talk-time on 3G network.

lemfo bluetooth smart watch Elegant design

It’s undeniable that the Lemfo Les2 has a sporty feel that warrants love at first sight. From a distance, it has the same alluring looks of a Lemfo Les1, but without the distinct camera on the side. The shiny watch case, made of stainless steel, is polishable. Well, that’s enough temptation to get out and shine in the sun! Additionally, the pedometer watch prides itself in the round-shaped appearance boosted by an anti-sweat leather strap totally satisfying one’s flair for style.

pedometer watch

Save on cash, build on style

Not many things boost your image like a watch. Join the smart bandwagon today and start with the pocket-friendly Lemfo Les2 smartwatch.

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