With smartphones’ rage calming down, and there being more need for comfort, convenience, and less baggage, people now look for ways that can help them connect to their social circles without depending on a large hand-held device. This is where the smartwatches enter the trend and make their mark. Helping users connect while being free of their mobile phones is the main reason smartwatches are growing by the day. LEMFO has recently launched 3 smartwatches that seem to be made to fulfill every user’s wish with their good quality and excellent layout, LEMFO LES1, LEMFO LF19 and LEMFO LEM6.

lemfo les1The LEMFO LES1, with its built-in GPS and many fitness apps, is a must-have for people who love outdoor activities. Having more than 50 different kinds of dials, LEMFO LES1 supports the download of every kind of APP and records calories, steps and distance. Compatible with Android/iOS, LEMFO LES1 gets a message reminder and a phone call reminders while being able to provide a remote camera and play remote music. With its 1.3G Quad core processor, IP55 life waterproofing, nano-SIM card support, touchscreen and Android 5.1 OS, the LEMFO LES1 makes life easier, fun and mobile-less. The stylish arc HD screen provides the style comfort and excellent image quality that will make your outdoor activities the experiences to live by.

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For those that are into intense watersports and would love being connected, LEMFO LF19 provides the professional waterproofing you need. Having a 50 ATM professional waterproof, the smartwatch has a one-year standby time and backlight. Being extremely convenient to use, LEMFO LF19 acts as a pedometer, stopwatch, SMS reminder, phone call reminder, burned calorie count, remote camera, calendar, and alarm. Suitable for rafting, swimming, and fishing etc., LEMFO LF19 provides a complete record of the daily activities you carry out, helping you achieve a more fit and organized lifestyle.

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Another Android smartwatch launched by LEMFO, the LEMFO LEM6 has 16 GB of built-in memory, 1 GB RAM, a SIM card support system and a replaceable silicon strap. While being customizable, LEMFO LEM6 provides GPS navigation and positioning as well as an APP electronic fence to monitor the position of family members and friends away from a safety range to ensure their safety away from home and work. The motion trajectory, SOS, and IP67 waterproofing help make “fun” safe for adventurous people.

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Users have reviewed the products as 4.5 to 5, thus ensuring the reliability. So, if you’re ready to have fun and go mobile-less, join the LEMFO smartwatch group and have the best outdoor adventures. Now, coupons are available for you to reach them with less money.

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