The wearable market is increasingly growing, and most Chinese companies are currently manufacturing smartwatches at affordable prices. Apart from other Chinese brands, LEMFO has launched LEMFO smartwatch LEM8. Released by renowned Chinese watchmaker LEMFO, this watch is not only elegant but also has a variety of functions. Just like its predecessor, it comes with an inbuilt GPS, HRM and a 2MP camera.

lemfo smartwatch


The LEMFO smartwatch comes in a black cardboard box that has a big LEMFO logo on the front side. Created in 2014 by Shenzhen Wayforward Electronic Company, its package includes a charging dock, smartwatch, a small screwdriver, USB cable for charging and a user manual.



Although it has a beautiful design, it looks different in real life and on official images. But all in all, you will still like the design which is a mixture of high tech and classic. Weighing 80 grams and having a thickness of less than 1cm, its device case is made of titanium. More so, its straps are of silicon which makes it suitable as a casual or fitness wear. Since the straps can be changed, you can also wear it officially. With rounded and smooth edges, its finishing does not disappoint.

lemfo smartwatch


The key feature of any smartwatch is always the screen. Having 1.39 inch AMOLED panel of 400 by 400 pixels, this watch has an awesome screen. The LEM8 not only saves energy but also provides a very good contrast. Its saturated colours and contrast ratio will help you analyse the use of the screen. You can also adjust its brightness using the quick card. With very high brightness, its screen is not only well read indoors but outdoors as well.

lemfo smartwatch

Hardware and software

Powered by MediaTek MTK6739, this smartwatch four clocks are at a 1GHz frequency. Its processor is paired with 16GB internal storage and 2GB of RAM. Besides running moderate applications smoothly, pictures, videos and songs can easily be stored in its memory. Since its running on Android 7.1, you can easily download several applications from Google play store.


The LEMFO smartphone has a lithium polymer battery that has a capacity of 580mAh. While on standby, its battery has a life of about 3-5 days, when used the battery life is 12- 20 hours. Even though this is not so great, it’s enough to get you through that thorough workout session. However, as compared to the LEM7, it does not come with a power bank.

lemfo smartwatch

Activity and fitness tracking

The LEMFO LEM8 has an inbuilt GPS sensor that allows you to track your activities with a lot of ease. For instance, you can track your location, distance covered, and the routes taken. Apart from the inbuilt GPS, it also has a heart rate monitor that allows you to monitor your heart rate variations. These features allow you to stay healthy while working out.


With this LEMFO smartwatch, you can capture memorable moments using its 2mp camera. More so, with its 16GB storage space, you can store all your files. In addition to its language translation feature, It also has loudspeaker and microphone at the rear.

lemfo smartwatch


  • It has one of the best designs.
  • Runs on Android 7.1 OS.
  • It’s durable.
  • It has a 2MP quality camera.
  • It has a microphone and a loudspeaker.
  • It comes with customizable straps.
  • It comes with a 2GB of RAM.


  • It’s not swimming proof
  • It’s a bit expensive.

lemfo smartwatch


Although the LEMFO LEM8 looks very simple, it has a stylish design and is very comfortable to wear. As a 4G smartphone, you can use it to monitor your health, SMS, make an independent call, check the weather, count steps, play music and even play games. Since its ideal for every day’s use, it’s worth your every penny.

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