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The LEMFO LF22 can be termed the smartwatch of the season because, among other things, its theme is something that is derived from the ongoing FIFA World Cup Russia 2018. What this means is that you can rock one of these vibrant world-cup themed smartwatches and show your support for your team as this eventful occasion goes on. Regardless of this, it’s still a nice piece to own due to reasons that go well beyond the mere celebration of this momentous event; in the end, you’re faced with the simple truth that a decent and functional smart watch goes a long way to make your day-to-day activities easy and all the more interesting.

Smart Watch

As it has already been mentioned, the selling point of the LEMFO LF smart watch is the vibrant colors it comes in, ideally so, to pay homage to the top teams taking part in the 2018 world cup. As a result, it’s a nice piece to signify the occasion even long after it’s over. On top of this, the LEMFO smart watch pays its due to be the excellent smartwatch that it is. It features a 1.3 inch TFT screen and a 460mAh battery that gives it the edge to stay idle for up to 300 hours, and up to 160 hours when in constant use.

Smart Watch

All the while, the LEMFO smart watch is made to support countless other features including message reminder, call reminder, remote camera capture, a stopwatch, alarm alert, as well as a compass. However, what’s most significant about the LEMFO LF22 are the core features, like independent GPS support, the heart rate monitor, pedometer and the barometric pressure feature. With these core features at your grasp, you can ideally incorporate this smart watch into your daily activities, like walking, jogging, running, cycling, swimming and any other type of outdoor or indoor activity to keep track of your level of fitness. As such, you can keep track of your heart rate, calorie count, mileage, pace and other professional data in the process.

Smart Watch

If you couple this with the fact that you have a TFT touchscreen within your reach and changeable straps, all in a device that is waterproof, then you’ve hit the hallmark of an exceptional smart watch. In fact, due to its waterproof characteristics, you never have to remove it while you shower or wash your hands. Conclusively, the LEMFO smart watch is an exceptional piece of accessory that has great hardware and the right software to make your day-to-day activities all the more interesting.


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