Both of these smartwatches are designed by LEMFO and obviously, they do not disappoint. They share some features while they differ in some way. Of course, we can’t deny that both of them have a few different specifications, design and body quality and so on. Their major difference has to be their systems. LEM 9 comes with dual systems, which means that the end user can use it as a smartwatch and yet still as a smart bracelet to save on energy. For LEM X, you can use it only like a smartwatch. So, when comparing these two smart gadgets further, we will need to look at both the similarities and then their differences.



-They both run on Android 7.1 operating system (OS)

-Random Access Memory (RAM) of 1 GB

– The internal storage capacity of 16 GB

-They both support GPS, Bluetooth 4.0, 4 G LTE and high-speed Wi-Fi

-They have a waterproof rating of IP67

-Compatible OS: iOS 11.1/Android 6.0 or above phone

-Both support heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, and pedometer

-They support independent calls and messaging

-Both use a Nano SIM Card

-They both come with inbuilt Google Play Store, from where the user can download applications.



LEMFO LEM X comes with a more desirable and high-quality screen resolution of 640*590 pixels LCD 2.03” while LEMFO LEM9 comes with a 454*454 pixels 1.39” AMOLED screen.

-LEM X comes in a rubber brand material while LEM9 comes in a Silica Gel brand material

-LEM X is Black in color while LEM 9 is Royal Blue in color

-Battery capacity for LEM X is 900 mAh while that of LEM 9 is 600 mAh. The former last longer after a full charge.LEM 9 uses dock charging.

-LEM X comes in a one-chip architecture CPU MTK6739 1.5 GHz while LEM 9 defeats it with its two-chip CPU technology MTK6739 plus NRF52840.

-Of their prices, LEM X is a bit more expensive that LEM9. It currently trades at $176.99 while the latter now retails at $159.99. Both are available at

-LEM X has an 8 MP camera, which is way better than the 5 MP camera found on LEM9

-LEM X comes with a Silicone strap while LEM 9 comes with a TPU material strap

-LEM 9 has duals systems, unlike LEM X. This means that it can be used as a smartwatch and as a smart bracelet as well


In Conclusion

From the above analysis and comparison, it is apparent that both LEMFO LEM X and LEMFO LEM9 are almost similar but LEMFO LEM X is more usable. It beats LEM 9 when it comes to screen size and display resolution, battery capacity, and camera. On the other hand, LEM 9 beats LEM X when it comes to CPU chip technology. The former comes with two-chips while the latter has only one chip technology. It is also an inexpensive smartwatch as compared to LEM X.

Generally, LEMFO LEM X is the smartwatch to go for. Over to you!

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