Everybody is searching for something that would make their daily activities or work easier. Owning a Smartwatch is a great option to consider, especially if you’re looking for something that can perform various tasks around your schedule fast and with more convenience. Luckily, there’s a new brand of Smartwatches that would suit your goals and needs seamlessly. The LEMFO LEM8 is the latest Smartwatch from Lemfo, a trusted name and a champion in the manufacturing of the best Android smartwatches in the world.


Top Features

– Bluetooth Calling

– Pedometer

– Heart Rate Monitor

– Call or Message Reminder

– Easy-to-use Camera, Music Player, and Weather Report

– Auto Light-up Screen and More!


Top Benefits

1.Beautifully coloured and multi-purpose screen.

The AMOLED screen looks dashing and beautiful, and in the dark, it brightens up wide, allowing you to even work outdoors. The IP67 screen is also waterproof and dustproof to protect it from dust and humid. You can further customize and add more functionality to your screen to suit your specific goals.

2.Attractive Appearance and design

The watch has a circular design that’s aesthetically appealing all around. Its shape has been cleverly and tastefully designed to ensure it easily grabs other people’s attention in the very first glance. The watch straps are swappable and are made of skin-friendly materials, which keep the skin protected and also add a premium feel to your watch.


3.Uses robust and versatile software

The watch runs a full version of Android 7.1.1, which makes it easy for you to quickly install any app available in the Google Play Store. Most apps available in the play store are suitable for different watches.

It’s important to first ensure the apps you’re about to download are specifically suitable for your watch before use. Nevertheless, the watch is powered by the Media Tek MT6739 M chipset,  with a 2G RAM, and 16GB free memory for maximum storage.


4.A tailor-made suit of health sensors

The watch comes with a heart rate monitor, which allows you to check your heart rate in real-time for better performance. It also has a pedometer fixed in place so that you can measure your steps throughout the day for optimum health.

A barometric height monitoring and other useful health gadgets are also fixed in place to ensure your overall health is always in check. And lastly, the watch also comes with a dedicated Nano SIM slot and offers other many connectivity options like WIFI, 4G LTE, and GPS for better user experience.



The LEMFO LEM8 is by far the most classic watch among the many different kinds of Smartwatch models available a person should own. The watch is fit for many tasks such as setting work schedules, exercises, and entertainment to make sure you create your better self. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and pick this timeless watch at Banggood before they run out of stock!

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