To all the watch lovers, things can get any better than this – the best smartwatch to ever being produced. In this article, I will attempt to explain why this is such a big deal. Now, get this; the Kospet Prime uses a 1.6” full round display screen, which is a 13% display increase when you compare it with the other products in the market, as they have a 1.39” display. The IPS display of 400 by 400 resolution with pixel densities of 354 pixels per inch, which is far beyond standard of 326PPI for retina screen. This gives you a crystal clear display that brings you dramatically excellent viewing experience.

Kospet Prime SE smart watch

If you thought that only your phone hand a face unlock system, you were wrong. This watch has a face recognition technology, where with just a simple hand lift, you would unlock your smart watch. Another fascinating feature of this phone is battery, which is a 1260 mAh. This battery is nearly 40% more than the highest capacity battery on the market. This watch keeps you as healthy as you could ever be, as it monitors your heart rate. The watch also has a 2.0 MP front camera, which enables you to take a selfie or have a live chat with your loved ones with a wrist lift anytime, anywhere. It also has an 8.0mp side camera, which brings the shooting experience to a whole new level.

The watch allows you to operate GPS sport mode, enabling you to record your exercise routines accurately and to display your exercise tract in real time on the map. The watch has 9 professional sports modes built-in. they include; basketball; Ping-Pong; badminton; outdoor run; walk; bike riding; indoor run; football and rope skipping.

The watch has a built-in music player as well as an intelligent assistance. This means that you could enjoy some music with a pair of Bluetooth earphones. It also comes with dual 4G global frequency band, and is also compatible with GSM, WCDMA and other bands in most countries. The other benefit of this watch is that it allows you to make and receive phone calls with VoLTE. All you will need to do is to insert a Nano SIM card, and you will be able to enjoy quality voice calls though the VoLTE function. Last but not least, you can custom watch face and online watch face download, allowing users to choose watch face from the beautiful default sets, favorite pictures, use photos or download online.

Where to buy

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