Here comes one of the most beautiful and smart looking watches in the wearable world of electronic gadgets. It comes with lots of useful and high-tech technology and features that are inbuilt to give it a perfect design and functionality. The K9 Smartwatch has an impressive specimen that sports on its beautiful design and it can be worn anywhere and by anybody and with any outfit. It’s packed with the latest hardware, technologies, software and other Apps making it your daily companion. Let’s explore more on this mobile phone watch. 

K9 Bluetooth watch

The K9 Smart Watch Design

The K9 Bluetooth watch comes with a unique screen that is perfect for a rectangle 1.54 touchscreen IPS screen and resolution of 240×240 making it big enough to offer you daily services without any inconveniences. It has a super bright display with personalized watch faces, and its UI design is created by the famous Taiwan design team. The multiple personalized K9 watch faces are best to fit on various occasions, and they portray different moods. It comes with a high resolution for a super bright display, and it also provides a user fine and quite clear reading experience. The smartwatch also has high sensitive capacitive TP that provides a well smooth touching experience.

K9 Bluetooth watch

The Screen

The screen is made of the high-quality metal case with a high strength alloy case, and it comes with passing 21 finishing processes and around 198 hours treatment with colors silver, black antirust, light and pure. It has a length of 42.5mm, the width of 38.1mm and thickness of 12mm.

K9 Bluetooth watch

The Bracelet

The K9 Bluetooth watch has a super light and colorful bracelet that is personalized and silicone, it also has breathable and ventilating effect making it scratch resistant, dustproof, and very comfortable when wearing it and you can quickly change it without using any tools.

 wearable device

The Precise Tracker

The wearable device has precise activity tracer with an in-built G-sensor and K9 records all your daily activities and data in a unique step, that’s included the levels, distances and the real-time used to burn calories. This makes the smartwatch your reliable sports trainer. It also takes your heart rate since it adopts the most original PPG heart rate sensors built from Taiwan, and it helps to monitor the heart rate in an accurate and quickly maker.

wearable device

The K9 Bluetooth watch comes with a Real IP67 waterproof that prevents it from water and dust drops; you can quickly wash your hands, run in the rain and still have a perfect working Bluetooth smartwatch. It comes with an MT2502C smart chip with a transmission speed of 24mphs and Bluetooth 4.0 and alert notification of your incoming Calls, social media notifications, and messages.

wearable deviceThe K9 Bluetooth Watch has quick life reminders and more functions like voice control, timer, music control camera remote, etc. and a stable magnetic charging base making it one of the best smartwatches to wear.

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