What is tritium?

Tritium is a natural isotope(form) of hydrogen.
It is produced by mother nature due to interactions between cosmic rays and gasses in the upper atmosphere.
It’s commonly used in watches and other illuminated devices like keychains and exit signs. It’s popular because it requires no external power source or wiring and it can stay illuminated up to 25 years or more!

Tritium wristwatch

How is Tritium made?

Naturally – When cosmic rays interact with nitrogen or deuterium in the upper atmosphere, it forms Tritium and carbon. The Tritium will then fall on earth in the form of rain giving us the natural form of the radioactive chemical.
Artificially – Tritium is achieved by bombarding hydrogen with neutrons in an accelerator or a nuclear reactor.

Application of tritium
Commercial self-powered lighting
Small portions are used in self-powered lighting devices known as beta light. Betalights are used in many devices such as firearm night sights, map lights, exit signs, watches, knives, and medical diagnostics. Offering up to 25 years of glowing power they never need recharging or electricity, they just glow.
Is it safe to wear tritium accessories?
The answer is Yes! Tritium accessories (wristwatches, necklaces, etc.) are safe for use due to the fact that that tritium is an extremely weak form of beta radiation and it doesn’t even have the strength to penetrate human skin on its own.
So, the only way to expose oneself to tritium would be to find some way to ingest it(like drinking the water that contains it) and even then, there is very little recorded data of tritium causing adverse health issues in humans.
the risks involved in regular levels of exposure are small, due to the following reasons:

  • It is a low energy beta emitter, so does not release high amounts of energy.
  • Chemically it behaves like water in the human body – forms T2O or HTO.
  • Has a short half-life – 12 years and passes through your body similar to water.

This is not an invitation to go crazy and swim in the stuff, like most things, large doses can cause significant harm.

Necklaces and wristwatches made with tritium that totally safe as long as they remain intact. You can get a tritium accessory at Banggood.com

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