The Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5 is a fitness tracker that is intended to track your fitness and health without you expecting to go through a great deal of cash to do it.

Expanding on the accomplishment of the Mi Band 4, the Mi Smart Band 5 offers 24//7 sleep and activity monitoring, consistent pulse checking, and bolsters the capacity to monitor outdoor exercises utilizing GPS from your telephone.

Away from observing your wellbeing and wellness, it will likewise allow you to see telephone warnings for both Android telephones and iPhones, let you control music playing on your telephone, and check the climate. That should all be possible from a full shading touchscreen show, which has seen an improvement in goal and in brilliance.

Xiaomi Mi band 5

The Design and Display

From the outset, the Mi Smart Band 5 from the start doesn’t appear to be too unique from the Xiaomi Mi Band 4. It actually matches up a comparative looking tracker module with a TPU plastic tie that comes in six distinct tones.

It’s a touch of plain regarding design, and less up-to-date than Fitbit’s trackers, yet it feels all around assembled and no place as ‘modest’ as certain trackers at this value point.

The presentation truly raises this tracker over the opposition, however. Xiaomi utilizes a 1.1-inch, 126 x 294 resolution AMOLED touchscreen, which is a knock up in size and goal on the 0.95, 120 x 240 resolution screen on the Mi Band 4. Xiaomi has likewise increased things in the brilliance office, wrenching up the maximum to 450 nits. The outcome is a presentation that basically wipes the floor with the opposition.

Contrast it with what you jump on Fitbit or Samsung’s least expensive wellness trackers, and there’s no challenge. The Mi Smart Band 5’s screen is splendid, brilliant, responsive, and significantly, simple to see in splendid daylight.

Xiaomi Mi band 5

That additional screen land is likewise welcome since it implies more data can be shown immediately, which is generally observable on the watch screen. Xiaomi additionally appears to have expanded the size of its symbols, making it simpler to look at your data during the day.

Underneath that touchscreen show is a capacitive catch, which is basically used to awaken the presentation while around the back you’ll discover the installed pulse screen.


Fitness Tracking

The Xiaomi Mi Band 5 depends on similar sensors as its archetype to convey its wellness following highlights: specifically accelerometer and whirligig movement sensors, in addition to a pulse screen. There’s no underlying GPS, yet you do have the alternative to utilize your telephone’s GPS sign to plan outside exercises.

You can see essential wellness following details from the fundamental watch screen or dive into the Status menu to see more. There you’ll locate your everyday steps, distance covered, calories consumed, inert alarms to show the amount you’ve been dormant, and your seven-day step sums. Precision insightful, we put it facing a Garmin watch and discovered it created comparable information.

At the point when you’re prepared to step things up, head to the Workout screen where you can pick from 11 unique sports modes. There’s outdoor running, power strolling, cycling (indoor and outside), treadmill running, pool swimming, skipping, curved, yoga, and a free-form mode. As is commonly the situation, the scope of ongoing measurements on offer differs. Despite the fact that we were astonished to find that it followed strokes and stroke rate for indoor paddling, and even hops for a skipping meeting.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5

For center games like running and swimming, it charges well from an exactness perspective. Getting GPS support set up for outside exercises is a piece fiddly in light of the fact that you need to head into the telephone application to empower it, yet whenever that is done, you’ll have the option to record key measurements like speed, distance, and rhythm, which we discovered to be really solid.

You likewise get ongoing pulse information, with the choice of cautions when you hit a specific level. Contrasted with a Polar H9 chest lash, the information precision was a mishmash. On one run, it was 1-2 bpm out for normal and most extreme readings. On another run, normal pulse information was 2bpm off, which is satisfactory. The highest heart rate, nonetheless, was 8bpm not quite the same as the chest strap.

Companion App

While you can see a decent measure of information on the Mi Band itself, you’ll need to go to the Mi Fit friend telephone application, which is viable with Android and iOS. It’s here where you can see more in the method of patterns and the spot to change band settings.

From a matching up perspective, we generally approved of either iPhone or Android in our testing. You’ll have to bounce into the application to synchronize information, and it’s quite speedy at matching up that information as well.

The application itself can feel somewhat occupied. The Status screen gives you a preview of your latest information, which you can delve into more profound on the off chance that you like. There are likewise devoted following screens for strolling, cycling, and running when you need to utilize your telephone’s GPS, and you can interface with other Mi Band-claiming companions.


Phenomenal worth

Improved charger with 14-day battery life

Great Display

Helpful smart features

Generally accurate pulse sensor


GPS sports monitoring system is fiddly

A significant plain look

Missing smart assistant and NFC outside China


Following on from the phenomenal Mi Band 4, the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5 again offers an uncommon incentive for cash. It conveys center wellness following highlights well, and upgrades made to the shading show and more effective sports tracking make it more alluring. I would recommend you purchase this smartwatch from so as to get the genuine product.

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