The Honor Watch Magic is a smartwatch that comes with a circular dial and is made to look like a regular watch in terms of design. But the Honor Watch Magic also offers typical smartwatch features like workouts, sleep tracking and heart rate monitoring along with notifications and so on. We will be taking a closer look at some of this awesome features that accompany this accessory.

Android Smartwatch

The design and display
The Honor Watch Magic looks like a regular watch, which means it should appeal to a wider audience. You have a circular dial with a chronometer and a non-rotating bezel as opposed to the Galaxy Watch which does offer a convenient rotating bezel. The surface of the body of the Honor Watch Magic and the buttons of the right side are stainless steel while the underside of the watch is plastic.
The unit we received for review has has cowhide on the surface of what is actually a silicone strap. The leather and steel look is quite classic and is something you would like to sport for formal occasions or to a workplace.

Android Smartwatch
The combination of these materials also help make the Honor Watch Magic quite lightweight. The straps can be detached easily if you want to replace them with something sportier.
The two buttons on the right side of the watch are used to bring up actions on the display. The screen itself is 1.2 inches, which is a decent size so you can read content on the screen without squinting. The Honor Watch Magic comes with a heart rate sensor that can be seen on the bottom of the body and the watch itself is 5ATM water-resistant, so you can take it for a swim.
The 1.2-inch AMOLED display offers a 390×390 pixel resolution. The display is bright and sharp, making it legible outdoors under intense sunlight. Colours look vivid and pleasing to the eyes and viewing angles are good too, so you can see the time even if you’re looking at it from an angle.

Battery Life
The Watch Magic has a 178mAh battery which is small compared to some of the other smartwatches in the market.

Software and features
The Honor Watch Magic runs on a custom OS and not Google’s Wear OS. It is compatible with Android phones (running Android 4.4 or higher) and iOS (9 or above). It has Bluetooth 4.2 LE and supports three satellite positioning systems (GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo).
An interesting feature is that when the message arrives, the watch vibrates, but the screen does not turn on (if it was turned off). To see the text you need to turn on the display. So yes, you have to do an additional action, which is not great. But there is a plus – in public transport nobody will read your message.

This android  Smartwatch notifies about the incoming call and displays the name and number of the contact, and if it is not in the contact list, just a number. You can simply reject this call or ignore by pressing the button – the watch will not vibrate, but the call will not be reset on the smartphone.

Android Smartwatch
The fitness features are pretty impressive. The heart rate measurement tool gives you regular updates on your heart rate through the day, I have no reason to doubt the readings
I’ll say the same about the step counter — which resembles the Apple Watch rings tracking format — it matches the step counter on my smartphone almost exactly after a day of usage. I still don’t know what ‘one step’ actually means or equates to, as on almost any smartwatch or smartphone I’ve ever used you can easily trick it into registering one stride as two steps.
That leads me to GPS tracking, which I much prefer as a measurement of movement. The GPS logging seems to be exceptional, keeping a nice accurate log of your distance moved alongside the step count and rudimentary calories burned figure. You can delve into further settings by launching the Huawei Health app on your smartphone, where you’ll find graphs, charts and more to really sink your teeth in to.

Accurate tracking
Crisp AMOLED display
Good battery life

No app support
Limited customisation options

The Huawei Honor watch magic is the perfect Smartwatch for your sporting activities. This accessory is available for purchase at

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