When your stainless watch seems damaged or scratched, you’ll need the right tools and some of your time to make it look new again. There is a procedure of polishing your stainless watch by using a polishing compound to reach the scratches extending far from the surface before progressing to the last polish to reach a shining polished finish. While polishing, it is important not to overdo the polishing of the watch case since you are removing metal and you don’t want to take out much. With the help of a watch repair kit, you can make deeper scratches smoother and take out nearly all lighter scratches.

watch repair kit

Tools needed:

  1. Stainless steel watch repair kit

It should consist of a polishing wheel, buffing wheel for middle and high polishing, polishing compound bar(for first stage, middle and final polishing), bench grinder spindle adapter and a polishing cloth.

  1. Polishing motor
  2. Finger stall
  3. A cleaning solution or machine

watch repair kit

Polishing process:

– Start by getting your polishing motor ready and put your buffs on the spindle/axis while your motor is running.

– Set the speed of the motor to medium.

– Put in little amounts of the polishing compound into the buff.

– Begin by pushing your watch into the buff. Ensure the buffing wheel is moving in the similar direction as you move your way down the watch bracelet, which will make the polish uniform. Also, make sure that you keep moving the watch to avert distortion. For the backs of the case, you can simply use the polishing cloth. Something you need to avoid while polishing the case is to press directly on the chronograph buttons. There’s also a possibility the pattern or the logo could break off due to the pressure exerted. A shafting machine can be helpful for polishing.

watch repair kit

– Preferably, clean the watch after every step to get rid of the compound residue. With a brush, use the cleaning solution to scrap on every side of the case and into the links. Use a cloth that is lint free to dry it before advancing.

– You can repeat the process with the polishing compound on a different wheel to get better results.

– Now that the deeper areas are done, we will put a brushed finish to other areas. You can use tape to keep safe the polished areas. Set the motor’s speed to low.

– Using medium pressure, push your watch to the wheel. Keep it moving in the same direction.

– Remove the tape and clean the watch.


There are a few watches that you don’t need to get out the parts for polishing, but there are risks involved if you choose not to remove the parts. Pieces can be broken, and buttons can get stuck on the buff. So, take precaution. For more tools to take care of your watches, please check here.

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