A wristwatch is not only a time-telling machine but also a symbol of punctuality. Wearing a wristwatch can make you know the time and keep you on time and wearing a suitable men wristwatch suitable for you can show your masculine charm. Therefore, for a successful man, there is nothing more important than a wristwatch that is suitable for you. However, how to select a wristwatch? In the following, I will provide some suggestions for you.

1.According to different occasion
When you are presented at a formal occasion, apart from a suit, you also need to select a wristwatch to match your suit. Because it is like a jewelry for women dress, which can steal the limelight. If you wear a suit, you had better choose a silver men quartz watch or a leather band quartz watch. This two kind of watches delivers a sense of maturity and holiness. But if you go to sports, you had better choose a watch with a great water resistance because when you are doing sports, you may sweat a lot, which may destroy your watch. And you shouldn’t choose a leather bracelet watch because you sweat may wet your watch band, making it smell terrible. So, I think men sports watch is one of  the best choices for you.


2.According to your wearing style.
What kind of wristwatch you should choose is also determined by what you are wearing.Generally speaking, casual clothes are usually matched with many kind of watches. For example, if you wear clothes like hip-hop style, you can choose a sports watch or a mechanical watch,which makes you look amazing. Besides, if you often wear a shirt or business suits, you should advoid digital watch.I think a silver men quartz watch and a leather band quartz watch are the best choices for you.


3.According to your budget.
There are many famous wristwatch brands, such as Rolex, Tag Heuer, Rado and so on. Most of wristwatches of these brands are very expensive. But if you have enough budget, I think you can get one. But if you don’t have enough budget, you can choose some infamous brand but worth buying. Therefore, you can successfully buy a suitable for yourself.

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