There comes a time when one wants to replace the band of his or her watch either because it is worn out or just want a new-look. Replacing your watch strap is fun and an easy process that helps reinvent the look of your watch instead of buying a new one. With a mixture of the right tools, patience, and practice, you will be an expert at a short time!

 Watch repair kit


For the whole process to be a success, the following equipment is necessary.

√ A flat-bottomed board to act as the workstation.

 Watch repair kit having a spring bar tool.

√The new replacement strap.

 Watch repair kit

Step 1: Set up the workstation.

This involves finding a sturdy place which is relatively soft to avoid watch damage. A proper workstation will enable you to have easy access to the springs and the straps. Watch straps consist of two pieces: the short piece with the buckle and the long one with holes where the buckle is harnessed. To replace the straps, you should hold the watch face down while unbuckling the straps,  which will prevent the scratches on the watch’s lens, giving easy access to the spring bars and the straps.

Step 2: Removing the straps.

In order to release the straps, firstly you need to remove the spring bars that hold the straps to the watch’s case. You can do it quite easily with the help of a spring bar, which is technically a spring-loaded and Telescopic metal rod with two flanges on each end.  By engaging the thin forked edge in the small hole and applying pressure to the flanges,  you can easily remove the springs that hold the straps. Repeat the same procedure for the other strap.

Step 3: Installing the new straps.

This step involves putting the spring bars into the replacement straps and placing them between the lugs. You will notice that the spring bars are a bit long.  These need compressing in order to fit back into the watch casing.  To make the grip firm, you need to visualize the exact location of the small holes in the watch casing as you will not be able to see them once you insert the straps.

Here is a good point to note when replacing the straps. The short strap having the buckle is attached to the 12 o’clock side of the casing while the long strap having the holes is attached to the 6 o’clock side of the watch case. Although it may vary depending on the user, this orientation positions the buckle in the right spot making your wrist feel comfortable and makes putting and taking off the watch simple.

Step 4: Winding up.

Pick up the watch and use a soft cloth to wipe any smudges that may have gathered on the watch face to avoid scratching. And you can install the straps successfully finally.



Replacing new straps is a procedure which you can do at home instead of going for a totally new watch. If you are very fond of your watch, you should not be worried because following the mentioned instructions will teach your changing watch band yourself, helping increase the aesthetics of your watch. Finally, be careful to avoid losing the small spring bars.


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