No matter for the watches lovers or senior collectors, looking for a watch that you are deeply in love is not an easy thing, therefore, cherish your watch and text to find whether it is on the best situation is of significant for you, just like we will have a body check for every year so as to understand our physical condition. Equally, as for the mechanical watch, do you know it like the palm of your hand?

mechanical watch mechanical watch mechanical watch

In reality, the watch is the same as man, there are many signs to notice us for preparing. From the aspect of movement, firstly, you should check it according to obvious punctual timing condition. As for the watches including automatic winding or hand winding watches, you should make sure that whether you have winded or not while the watch that need battery, check the time of change battery last time. in average, you should change the battery of your watch for every two to three years.

mechanical watch mechanical watch mechanical watch

In general, there are about 15 seconds of error for every 24 hours of the automatic mechanical watch, check the time that you have set last time for reference, maybe the cause of the error is the deviation of reference time. If there are some uncommon noises from the watch, then it might be a sign that it sends to you for reminding you of checking whether there is something wrong with him.

mechanical watch

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