Honor has been in the wearable industry for a couple of years now and has already launched five generations of smart bands – which is amazing. Now, the latest is the Honor Band 5, which is the logical evolution of Band 4 – where it kept all the crucial features but improved on the battery life and also added tracking for more activities. I have used the gadget for some time now, so let me share my observations:

Honor Band 5


Like the Band 4, the Band 5 has a colored screen with a 0.95” AMOLED panel in a 2.5D curved glass. It is a touchscreen, yes, but you also have the option of a button located on the lower side of the watch which you can use to go to the watch face or when turning it on. Raise-to-wake is also supported. On the bottom side of the watch, there is a heart rate tracker that works at all times – just as long as you turn the feature on. It is important to note that previous iterations of the Honor Band didn’t support constant heart tracking, making the band 5 the best product so far. When you look at this wearable, you will find that there are no physical keys, but you will also find that it is heavier than your normal fitness tracker.

Features and usability

Being under the wing of its parent company, Huawei, has done it lots of services. See, the Band is connected to your Huawei health app, where you have pretty visualizations of the data tracked – heart rate, various steps, and exercises. The band 5 is able to track 10 different activities, but it’s mostly meant for the average users who like to be updated on how their bodies are performing and their overall health. In addition, the band 5 operates just like the other smart bands – it buzzes if the alarm is set, shows notifications, and shows you time by just raising your wrist. The OLED is quite bright, so you might find yourself blinding the person next to you when you turn on the screen in a dark room.


The battery is quite bad – when the notifications are on and have allowed the watch to only show you the time and measure your heart rate, it can go for 5 days. If you want it to last longer, you might need to switch everything off – the sensors, monitor, and all the connections. This way, you will be left with a device that needs to be interacted with for it to operate.


The honor band 5 delivers basic fitness tracking, and it is affordable, stylish, and unobtrusive, which makes it worth buying.

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