This watch is similar to a previous generation device, but it has greater features. If you are looking for a technical feature, this watch has a large screen of size -1.4 inches and some sport mode. It also has IP68 water protection and its battery life lasts up to 20 days with active use.

Haylou LS02


The appearance of the two generations is unchanged except for the front. The new watch has a smaller frame at the front which is not surprising because the Haylou LSO2 has a 1.4 screen while the previous generation used a 1.3 inches screen. It is very important to know that the quality of the screen has grown slightly. Like the screen brightness and becomes higher and in bright and sunny weather is it much comfortable for the eyes. As the resolution becoming larger, the LSO2 smartwatch, received 320 x 320 pixels, while the previous had only 240 x 240 pixels. The new generation smartwatch is almost indistinguishable from its predecessor as per the build quality. For example, the same materials are used here and it is matte black plastic. The size is unchangeable but the weight of the smartwatch is a little bit more by a couple of grams namely 38grams but you will not feel the weight in a real sense. You can either wear the watch daytime or at night and not feel any discomfort or trouble.

Functions and applications.

When you turn on the watch the first thing you encounter is the activation of the Haylou LS02 smartwatch. Like other smartwatches, you will see the QR code after scanning you will be able to activate the device with all the features and functions. The main screen displays a lot of information like battery level, steps, weather, distance, date, time, and calories. Something classy about this watch is that it has five different watch faces. These are two digital ones and three analog options. When you swipe to the right, you will get into the daily activity and when you swipe again shows the sleep analysis, breathing training widget, heart rate widget, and weather.


A little change was also done when it came to the battery capacity where it has been increased from 210mAh to 260mAh where the manufacturer guarantees more results in the battery life than in the processor. On a single charge, the battery life will be about 20days, but on the one with active use and receiving a large number of notification, the battery life will be about two weeks.


This device first of all is inexpensive and stylish and has a low weight and very comfortable on the wrist. The changes that I can attribute more are resolution, the level of brightness, and more screen size. But in terms of functionality, the wireless Bluetooth 5.0 connection is good and there is an increased number of sport modes.

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