Now is 2th July, being a student you might be very expectant and peasant about the date due to the vacation is coming.In general, the student will begin their summer holiday in the middle of July. During the holiday, what they are planning to do and where they are going to spend vary from people to people.

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Some people prefer to do some adventuresome activities, such as hiking alone, camping and climbing,etc. Going outside alone to adventure for me is a apparent dangerous exercise because there are so many unforeseen emergencies during the journey. However, it does not mean that other people have not the courage to do so. For protection against fortuitous event, I do suggest you should wear a smart phone watch so as to you can contact others for help when you are on a hiking trip , because the phone is very easy to be lost.

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In addition, as far as I known, we can not breath as normal as everywhere in daily life when we climbing or camping on a high-altitude mountain. But how can we know that our body can not support us to keep climbing. In this moment, we do need a heart rate monitor watch which can make us clearly know that where and when we should quit our climbing and turn back to the ground. So if you are a hobbyist of some kinds of these adventurous activities, please pay essential attention to some equipment like these in order to guarantee your life safety.

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Hoping everybody have a good and relaxing holiday and do not let your life have any pity.

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