Mental watches would be one of those common choices for most of the man. And it’s quite fashionable to wear metal watches. And the metal watches are wonderful for styling with different kinds of clothing, like casual clothing or formal suits. If you like metal watch in luxury or fashion style, here are two eye-catching watches from GUANQIN.


Luxury GUANQIN Brand Elegant Men Wrist Watch Ultra-thin Dial Fashion Business Style Quartz Watch

This one is ultra-thin and fashionable in minimalism. This one has different colors, like the black dial with silver watchbands, white dial with silver watchbands and the one in solid black. I love the simple dial design.

Check here: GUANQIN Ultra-thin Quartz Watch


Luxury GUANQIN Brand Men Wrist Watch Fashion Business Style 3ATM Waterproof Quartz Watch GS18001

This one is a little bit more normal. And this one would be better for tough men and business men out of its traditional design. However, the workmanship is quite well at this price. So you might love to consider this one.

Check here: GUANQIN GS18001 Wrist Watch

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