Here comes Banggood 10th anniversary, and there are lots of promotions that will certainly blow your mind. You don’t have wait for the 9th Sept, and you could get excellent products that you could snap up right now. On 17th Aug, we have this snap-up promotion of watches for you. What’s the most important is this Vote & Snap Up that you should never miss. And here is the time table that shows you what kind of fashion product you could get and when you could snap up.

fresh fashion

Now, let me show you those wonderful watches.

Multi Smart Watch

At 1:00 am, you could get the multi smart watch with leather watch band in classical style.

hesvit S3

At 3:00 am, the Hesvit S3 is available. It features with simple design and look like a bracelet. And there are different colors for you.

skeleton mechanical watch

At 11:00 am, you could get the Skeleton mechanical watch with delicacy dial in gold and black.

Sma 07 Sport Watch

At 17:00 pm, you could get this Sma 07 sport watch, which could detect your heart rate during the exercise or running.

x10 watch

At 23:00 pm, this X10 watch with amazing and classic exterior is ready for your snap-up. However, you might not be able to tell that it’s a smart watch from its excellent exterior. This one is worth waiting.

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